A sweet surprise! (and for sale!)

So, I went up to the MA Sheep and Woolcraft Fair again this year. I decided to be adventurous, and took with me five of my 4th and 5th grade students. We had a blast! The kids got to do cool things like learn to spin on a drop spindle (how many 4th/5th grade teachers can say that 3 of their boy students chose to forgo video games to learn how to SPIN?), kool-aid dye, and make a felted treasure bag with some wool roving, a rock, and some soapy water (and a lot of time squeezing and rubbing). We walked around and looked at the animals. We watched some of the sheep dog trials. It was such a nice time - away from technology, and outside in the fresh air sharing all things fibery with my students.

I entered some things in the exhibit again, too. A wool shawl that I knit for my Mom didn't place, but did get a really nice comment: "Nice job! Lost out to things knit with handspun yarn."

But this made my weekend:

Second place in the bulky division for handspun! Considering that I almost didn't even bring that skein, I was STOKED!

And now, that very skein of yarn is stocked at SweetKnits! You can see the listing here: Yummy handspun that won 2nd place - you really want to bring this to your home!