All in a few days' work

Life has gone from busy to CRAZY busy for me this week. I am a substitute teacher for a private school close to me, and the Jr. High teacher is out this week (he and his wife had their first child Monday morning). So, not a whole lot of spinning is happening this week. Instead, I'm reading literature and studying history and science so that I can review with the students for their Nine Weeks' Exams. (It is nearly impossible to review something that you haven't looked at, so I've got LOTS of reading to do each night.)

However, this did not come as a shock to me. I mean, babies have a way of giving you a while to prepare (although the actual coming is usually unannounced). Since I knew the baby was coming soon, I tried to spin a LOT last weekend.

Thursday, I finished spinning the singles for this Gwion targhee (it was plied on Friday):

Friday, I spun most of the singles for these two skeins of Coastal Sunset BFL (plied on Saturday):

Also on Saturday, I spun this Superfine Merino - my first ever attempt at thick/thin singles:

And spun singles for two more skeins of the Coastal Sunset. And spun about an ounce of Bella merino (spun fine, for a lightweight 2ply).

Sunday, I plied the rest of the Coastal Sunset, and finished up the first bobbin of Bella.

Next - I need to do 4oz more of the Coastal Sunset (which will make a total of 20oz altogether), and the second bobbin of Bella... but that will have to wait. First, I must learn enough 7th/8th grade literature, science, and history to be able to review for the next few days.


What has Donna been up to?

Spinning yarn, of course! I just finished spinning an amazing Super Fine Merino from All SpunUp as part of a special spin-a-long. It was a surprise colorway, perfect for fall. I named mine "Oma's Pacific Northwest" for my mother-in-law. She is my kid's Oma (Dutch/German for Grandma), and she absolutely LOVES nature. When she took my oldest daughter on a road trip to Washington state a few years ago, she couldn't stop marveling at the leaves on the trees. The colors in this yarn are just like the colors of leaves changing, so there is the name.

I am moving on now, to spin more Espresso merino/tencel. This is one of my favorite fibers to spin. It is soft, has a great sheen, and the colors are so vivid. Stay tuned for more pictures!


When it's cold outside...

... it is also cold inside. At least here - when we decided to turn our pellet stove on for the first time this season, it decided that it had different plans.

Since our thermostat is hovering right around 60-61 degrees the last couple days, we've had to find other means of staying warm. Microfleece socks, pants, and sweatshirts; hot chocolate; chicken soup; blankets....

Oh yes, and wool! I've attempted to keep warm by spinning. Between the activity and the fiber, it should kinda work, right? Well, it was a good excuse anyway. Here's my work from the past week/weekend:
This is superfine merino dyed by Hillary of Dashing Dachs - in her Pumkinhead colorway. Keep watching the blog for more information on when/where this will be available for purchase!

This is a lovely merino from The Fiber Denn on Etsy - it is part of her Begonia series. I like to call it "Lemon Berry" - after my very favorite dessert mix from Tastefully Simple (which is not available at the current time, a fact which I am still mourning). 2ply/175yds. This will be coming to YINIA for a special stocking next month - more information on that later!

I think its time for another cup of hot chocolate... or maybe time to bake some cookies... Either way, must keep these fingers warm until tonight, when I can spin again!


Not much time to spin this week

I am disappointed that I haven't had much time to spin this week (actually, not much time for anything but paperwork!). I am hoping to do more spinning tonight and over the weekend. I got a Spin-A-Long fiber in the mail last weekend from All Spun Up , and it is heavenly! I will get a picture of it probably tonight. I am also waiting on some other fiber from Mosaic Moon, wool/silk, BFL and merino. I can't wait to get those in!

And now, some gratuitous fiber photos.

Coastal Sunset BFL dyed by Mosaic Moon

Dragon's Lair BFL, again dyed by Morwenna at Mosaic Moon

Thanks for visiting! Stop by again soon.


Nice to see you!

Hello! I am Donna, the other half of Handspun by Sweetknits. I love to spin, and I am excited to offer my handspun yarn to you. Here are a few pictures of recent projects.

This is a 50/50 Merino/Silk blend, Dark Rainbow, dyed by Julie at Julie Spins, spun into a laceweight. This fiber was a dream to spin! I think I am going to make a lacey shawl or scarf with this.

This is Snow Blossom BFL, dyed by Morwenna at Mosaic Moon. This will be for sale at our Hyena Cart.
I have fiber on hand that can by spun for you, on request as well!

50/50 Merino/Tencel blend, in Pixie Dust, dyed by Morwenna at Mosaic Moon

50/50 Merino/Tencel Kettle Dyed Rainbow, by Mosaic Moon
100% Superwash Merino dyed by Lorna's Laces
I hope you enjoy the pictures, and stop by to see more updates! If you have any requests, or would like to have your fiber spun, you can reach me at donna@sweetknits.com.


A new blog!

Yes, that's right - a new blog! Completely dedicated to all things fibery and handspun (because we just can't get enough fiber!). We hope that you will come by often and see what is new and exciting at Handspun by SK. And who knows - some special contests might just pop up now and again.

For now, I'll leave you with some fibery goodness. And don't forget to check YINIA and Hyenacart for instock handspun!