I think I'm in love...

I was blessed to do a trade with Ryann of Woolen Wishes for Baby - my daughter got a fabulous knit skirty/shirt combo, and I was going to do some custom spinning. Ryann chose her fiber, and I ordered it - all the while thinking that I wasn't going to love spinning it. It just wasn't a colorway that I'd have chosen. I didn't hate it - but just wasn't overly drawn to it.

Then the fiber arrived - and I caught my breath. It was beautiful! Three Irish Girls "Cole":

How could I have ever thought I wouldn't love this? I love blue. I love green. I love brown. There is no part of this colorway that I don't like individually. And together? Stunningly beautiful.

And then I spun it up. The fiber was a dream to spin (80/20 Merino/Silk) - soft, a touch of sheen, and drafted with ease. I fell in love with the colors again as they slipped through my fingers onto my wheel. How could I have not ordered extra of this fiber for myself? And when I plied it - the colors danced together in a way that only handspun can... combining into a stunning yarn that I dreaded packing up and sending away.

Thank you, Ryann - for a wonderful trade, for a glorious spinning experience, and for causing me to have yet another love affair that is no doubt going to cost me some money down the road.

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